someone check the link jsut in case.

yep feel free 2 chek even get an admin 2 chek it its all lagit

You can’t trust it.
He says he will give only 50k, I’m sure there would be a more formidable price than that.
The site is most likely a keylogger.
Besides, you can’t advertise people to join the game.

I mean, he says “register, THEN log onto RuneScape”? He wants your RuneScape password to hack you.

dude get over ureselfs i dont want ure lil rs players i 2 old 2 play rs i just turned 15 u dont havta log on 2 rs if u dnt want all im trying to do is get game money for the new game i playin sheesshhh but stupid people like u tell every1 tht im a scammer or hacka so they dnt clik and i dont get ma game money!!

can sum1 pls just clik the link so they can tell that its lagite so people stop callin me a hacka

I think this is just a scam, know one go there, and anyways if this is legit it breaks forum rule…now advertising, I think this is just a cleaver way to scam…know go there!

hodgie you want peopple to click link to hack them, you think were dumb…wat a noob

Locked and banned.