52 range

Inspired by Blink i have gotten back into ranging. although im probably not going to raise as fast im still raising and ive also started raising def 2 65 then after str 2 70 so ill have pics of those as well as any hits lvls i get.

52 range

53 range

just after i kill a white knight grrrrrr (look at xp :roll: )

and finally 54 range

65 hits (missed pic :frowning: )

wish me luck!

Congratz and good luck man…

congratz on the 52 ranged,mines only 41 lol

congratulations of 52 range, keep up the training because range is fun when you hit higher numbers. you should use a maple short bow because they are faster and you will probly lvl faster hitting more per hour. but if you like long bows i understand
good luck with training :slight_smile:

off topic:is that aqua team hunger for in you sig?

yeh… congratz on 52 range… and good luck getting to ur goal (whatever that is) :wink:

Cool we are the same ranged level…no wait now im 53 :lol:

Congratz and good luck on your goal ( wht ever it is ). . . . . . .

lol im lvl 3 range (45 combat) lol

grrr lol ill catch up u just wait. And for the record I was using maple short and my goal is 70

Good job! keep working and u will be able to where red!

thx for all your comments! I’m 4k exp away from 53 range so ill post the pic when i get it.

Nice man. Congrats to… I suck at ranging lol i’m level 63 with 41 range. Although not really bad.

update:pic of 53 range! yay!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Congrats geo!
Mine is 56 and my goal is 65 range, but good luck with 70 range! :stuck_out_tongue:

thx again for all you comments and cibola good luck on 65 range. update: pics of ironic xp and 54 range :smiley: