~ 55 Combat on Hybrid (Icefire 5) ~

Congrats. 9/10 for low combat

Why Are You Training Attack Now ? :smiley:

That was going to be my question, my guess is he’s tired of def noobs in f2p :o. Alas, attack doesn’t really help on my pure but oh well :\ Gratz on levels.

I got 42 attack after 70 strength, but I am still keeping low attack.

Congratz! Your Hybrid should be your main since your on it more…:wink:

Wow, you own me. o.o

yeah, we should pk some time if i can train my f2p pure ( he 40 combat )
i always train my p2p hybrid pure ( 64 combat ) but im doing barrows atm :smiley:

Hey archas wanna dm?

nice :slight_smile:

Where do you train?

ooo gratz and r u trying for 50range and 50att?

I will get 50 range soon, but I prefer to keep attack low. I will get 50 attack eventually…

wow not bad acount 9/10

Nice :smiley: Keep it up :stuck_out_tongue:

yea thats sick! After you get some levels like possibly 80 strengh and higher mage and range you should make it members.

great pure arch could u post all ur stats ?

get 50 att it helps =)

I might make it members down the road, but right now I am just training combat stats for f2p.

Ok, it better if u do make it members

nice archas =], i have to train my pure here sometime =P