6 Scores

Yay most ive gotten so far.

well, good, that the overall of all the games or of that game, and you captured the standart, and scored 6 times, or got it 6 times???

No thats just how many times I myself scored.

p00nage The first time i scored at lvl 61 im 62 now rofl i got lucky and scored twice that game…I doubt ill score 6 lol

I’m not that good at castle wars. I only kill 1 or 2 people and I don’t score. Nice job though. What team were you on?

ok, good score, i couldn’t even kill one or 2 i’m just lvl 65, and if i scored, most of my team would be of 90+ lvl and the enemies would have to be all dead

Nice job, good luck getting more =)

Lol all I do is run to the flag wait pwn noobs…take flag run like hell over stones score.