60 attack on my new member acount

ive only had it for a few days
now to find a dds or something and i might make it a rune pure since it has 20 def (dont flame for it) or a main
some nice advice would be nice tho on quests and on all members as i am still a bit rusty

acct sharing is against the rules pk mager af BANN!!!
gratz with the 60 attack

get make it a berserker pure with 45 def 60 att and leave those stats and train str forever

noob def lol i say u make it a main now… *rolls eyes

u still havent added me-.-im going to rape you.

noooooo dont rape me jeff and dark beast huh?
thanks all

wow congratz on 60 attack :smiley:

nice 60 attack dude! now get like 82 mage for ice barrage lol =P

lol nice job…
how long did it take in hours??

how’d you do it im jw cause i’d like to lvl up my account cuase im an ok mager but combat suaks

gratz man

ye make it a rune pure or something, 20def is…bleh

but gratz and keep it up

if you have other (better accounts) then i wouldnt do anything else with it accept pking you might wanna lvl up mage…

but thats just me!

i have better acounts but they are f2p so im gettting at least 40 def on this for now and im gonna do a lot of stuff on it for now including quests and raising mage etcetc

you own me so much :stuck_out_tongue:

u make getting all those stats look easy. not to be insulting or anything, but u DO get outside rite? every so often because by the loooks of it, it doesnt seem that u ever get off ur computer! but who cares?! that rocks! great jorb on ur 60 ATK! now go get some dragon wepons and kill everybody!!!

^^^^^lol im the baz just so you know here is a little background information on me
i play sports every day i thought this game was really stupid when one of my friends told me about it i started to play it to annoy him and bug him while he was on but i turned out to like it ok and it hs grown on me. I am one of the best players on my varsity baseball team and getting to be one of the best on my varsity baketball team as a sophmore in highschool. i spend a lot of time at school and with friends and playing sports. So yeah im outside a lot everyday and everyone in my school wubs me =p (honestly).
oh and thanks in the baz and iraq

Pretty bad stats :S

Congratz! I know you told me earlier but I was in the middle of something so couldn’t respond, sorry.

^^^ of course ixl ive been using it for like 5 days
and thanks jeff

pk mager af you wanna do lost city together?

yeah mayb guess i gotta get 36 woodcutting and 31 crafting first tho
i will level up fletching while i raise wcing i guess