60 Combat

Eyyy very nice; I don’t see how you did MM at lvl 60 or below o_O

woah nice lol lv 1 defence :smiley:

Oo same cbt lvl as me.

congratz man

Leet Jr? Or was it Le3t Jr? I can’t remember which one is which and I’m too lazy to look them up.

wow nice pure ogo but when im done with mine i could own u anyday =)

lol… darkbeast…when your done with yours he’ll still surpass you.

Nice def :stuck_out_tongue:
sickmate 8)

nice not bad skills also wat did u kill at that last moment to get ur 74 str?

Nice Ogo! Great job on T h e 0 r y! =)

I like your defence, but try to train your other skills too. Keep it up! :smiley:

range higher plz =)

anywho nice def and keep it that way.

other than that, get your range to like 70 (your choice though)

He’s a pure… Why would he train other skills except maybe fishing and cooking.

Nice pure, one of best seen to be honest :slight_smile: