60 cutting

Finally got 60 woodcutting even though im quitin for a long time. but i got it. Oh yeah and i finally got 65 fletching also. ive raised quite a few stats from the last time i posted a pic of em.

Congratz on getting 60 wc and 65 fletching… :smiley: must have taken some time, but at least you achieved your goal… nice stats too.

Congratz on being able to cut yew trees…Sorry to hear you’re quitting for a while. Good luck wherever you go.

congrats on completing your goals,
are you gonna stay on rsr, even though your leaving rs?

That’s nice… congratz on that… by the way, I hope you’re not leaving both RS and RSR…

Congrats with 60 WC. When I first got 60 WC I was well stoked but hated the skill a day later.

Thanks all and i am not going to entirely quit rs just not play as much and rsr im not going to post as much. until i get outa school which is next week :).