60 magic & mage arena

I got from 57 to 60 magic today.
Thank you to ice for selling me 480 nats and 40 laws.

I was doing mage arena and ran out of runes =p mage arena gouges you of your cash. beware!.. Anyways, going to do mage arena today later once i can buy a bunch of death runes. Here’s a pic of 60 magic:

way to go xgod

Congratz on getting to 60 mage. Unlucky you ran out of runes :P! I think I only brought around 50-70 deaths and I did fine so you should be ok with that amount. P.S. Get zammy staff! Zammy p00ns all!

Im getting guthix. Guthix is my homeboy. :slight_smile:

But I had like… 2 deaths, 13 chaos, and 1800 minds.

Ran outta air runes =\ I didnt know I could leave the arena so I turned off my prayer and died.

lost 1800 minds =(

Yea im gonna bring like 100 deaths, 400 fires, and however many airs.

lol nice…i died at mage arena (should have brought prayer potions) anyway, i say choose the sara staff (I made a bad choice in choosing the guthix staff)

w00t congrats! i just got 60 mage and Mage Arena done a little bit ago too…i sold my full Rune (G) and bought laws and used Cammy tele to get from 55 to 60/ :slight_smile: congrats.

just buy like 100 deaths at lvl 60 its pretty good ammount. Dont buy more and use fire blast. :slight_smile:

Gratz, Danneh! You lost your mind runes? You should have walked out and given them to me. :(. Anyway, gratz on getting 60 mage and good luck on the Mage Arena next time. :).

grr…that “guthix is my homeboy” is really gettin to me…lol jk dude. but i like the sara staff but guthix cape. meh…i like zammy armor though. :0

Very strange chaos :slight_smile: I personally like zammy all da way :smiley: :smiley:


When I got back to the mage arena I got to start on the fifth form. Lucky me =D

And my friend gave me 12 prayer potions for 200 cosmics so yea I had enough potions, only needed one dose though :slight_smile:

But yea… I picked guthix. I made this pic…:

Woot! Nice job! I need 20 levels to do Mage Arena…

cool, would that look good in green fremmy robes? curious.

Maybe, but Druid robes are for guthix so yea…

Still haven’t used the spell =.= I have no bloods.

Druids robes are for Guthix? didnt know that…whats for Sara? im guessing Zammy robes are for Zammy

Maybe Desert robes are for Sara?

No cause you see… Druids, when examined it says “Loves Nature”. Guthix is the god of Nature and Balance. Also, Druids are found next to an alter of guthix.

Dunno bout sara, isn’t desert robes though. I think it’s the blue wizard’s robes.

Meh…i guess that makes sense.

Saradomin’s robes are monk robes :p. I’m guessing they are…

Wow good job,that pic looks awsome