60 Smithing!=)

60 Smithing has been my goal for the past several months, and I finally completed it! =)
From like 55 smith to 60, I just smelted, that’s why it took so long! =p

congratz man…now go for 99 smithing :slight_smile:

Congratz with 60 smithing. In my opinion smithing is one of the hardest skills to level up unless you are filthy rich. That or prayer.
I’m currently trying to get to 70 for addy.

Lmao that will never happen, and skate ilkley, I don’t know if I’ll ever make it to 70 smithing…that might be my next goal! :slight_smile:

Well Cibola, I started in the same month as you did yet you are much higher than me. You seem to level way faster than me so you’re in for a chance.

Weird suggestion but can I add you?

Congratz on getting level 60 smithing! I’m still stuck at level 40 smithing… Lol good luck on getting more levels!


Congrats at 60 smithing… Somthing I probably wont achieve in my entire RS Career.

Do you mean you started the same month as I started Runescape or when I started to smith?
And do mean add me ingame?
Lol i’m fine with that if that’s what your asking!

Same month as you started Runescape (29 August 2004 5PM GMT). And I did mean in-game.

congratz on 60 smithing! thats a nice accomplishment…

like Skate said, its very hard to level up on smithing…

congrats again…

Great stuff, I like smithing, but it just takes far too long… But Congratz on getting 60 Smithing, Nice Achievement!

:wizard: ~Salmoneus~

Yea, I have been 75 smithing for about 1 year now, lol.

I was a pure miner/smither in rs.

i was 10 combat 72 mining 75 smithing, which those are my stats today.

And Im level 103 now =]

smithing is boring, hard, and takes alot of money, so does prayer.

Well done! Im still only level 50 smithing. But ill soon catch up! :smiley:

Offtopic: 200 post YAY!!! =D

Thanx all for the comments! :slight_smile: