60 strength!

I finally got 60 strength

Congratz, now you need 70 :stuck_out_tongue:

nice, but why train there why not on ice giants, they have better drops

i train there because i don’t take as much damage as i would against ice giants also i’m not even picking up the drops unless it is something i need and i would keep training at hill giants but there are to many ppl there and i already got past 43 prayer

way to go on 60 strength

Youre fishings not bad, what i do is i fish lobbies for load and that lasts me 1.5 hours with ice giants

Very nice. I hope you’re not one of those str pures.

skate if you look at my stats there is no way i’m a pure all my combat stats are 50 and over unless u count prayer as a combat stat and thx for all the comments

10 levels apart isn’t enough to call you a pure so that’s OK.