60 wc

yes finally 60 wc:

congrats shakori

congratz u can go for 75 now…

i will try too to go for 75 but first other stats

Congrats, nice work! Aim for 75, its pretty easy. I got 81 :smiley:
sickmate 8)


thank you what is it at lvl 75

Congrats, on lvl 75 is it magic logs :wink:

i think she’s f2p… but so am i and i got 85 wc >.>

noop i am member k i will go for 75

even at 99 wc magics are still hard to cut

Meanie, u can still earn lots :frowning:


congrats shakori

lol keep cutting willows till 70 wc then go cut yews for 75.

i will do that vut willows til 70 the yews

congarzt shaki! :smiley:
keep up the good work

Congrats. Good luck with 75!