60woodcutting alas!

Finaly me, Bronzeaxe3! can cut yews woot :smiley:

Haven’t you been banned like 3 times?

Gratz on the 60 wc

Nope 4, times :slight_smile: lol

anyway Thanks! :smiley:

Uhm… gratz?

thanks.,… :smiley:


your retarded arent you? if your going to flame me in your sig atleast know how to spell my name rofl stupid 11 year old.

since you flamed me like that i will report you to Ogo because i dont like you and Ogo told you not to make anymore accounts. have fun


was that ment to rhyme?
finally, me,

nice man i got 60 woodcut other week…havent touched it yet too much autoers

man you should be perm banned from rsr for all your accounts

Yup he should, but alas, people like hardcore keep coming back so he probably will too o.O

lol he just got banned from Kupiton, if hes back Ill pm a mod to get him like ip banned or something.

for now he gone lol.

rofl he just got banned now its 5 times

lol…guess he doesnt realise that he isnt welcome here…

Hardcore is cool though…

:slight_smile: Yep hardcores cool…


omg how many accounts will you make you have been told not to make any more accounts and you still do. When you get banned it meens your not welcome… also congrats on 60 woodcutting.

welp he’s banned now XD

Nope lukejamez2 isn’t yet but should be soon.

I want him ip banned because he doesnt realise that him and his spam arent welcome here. but seeing as he is an immature 11 year old he doesnt quite understand the concept of it.