7 day ban / perm ban

I got banned for using an autoer ( i no, bad me). I appealed, and they sent me a message saying aload of rubbish about how theire programmes are 100% correct. Things wern’t looking too good untill they said; “looking at your previous history we have decided to give you a temporary 7 day ban” then later on it says; “sinse you have a permenant ban you subsription will not be paid next month” 2 weeks later i have no account…

Well, since you broke a rule, accept the punishment. Since you obviously used an autoer, appealing wont work. Learn to obey the rules, that is the only solution.

Yep, if you used the autoer, don’t bother appealing, if you didn’t however, that’s a different story…

lol stupid you…

wow. wat a moron. y the heck were u using an autoer? u think they werent gonna detect u or something? they ban like hundreds of those cheating sniveling weasel like accounts a day! so u deserve this cruel, ?sindred? punishment ya dum autoer! and no im not saying YOU are dumb im just saying…wait nvm i am saying it.

You used a auto’er what do you expect? Kthxbai

yes they banned a autoer i hope they ip ban you too

also read the sticky topics liek these are not aloud

i say bann ip ban all peopel using autiters and all accounts used with that ip address then they will learn when there mains are banned

obey the rules and things like that wont happen

i disagree… say u hav 2 ppl in the house who play rs. and 1 uses an autoer and they ip ban you, that punishes the other person

Follow the rules next time, don’t do it again. Hopefully you know what you done wrong, and you’ll do something good next time.

like everybody else says “follow the rules.” Runescape won’t reward you for breaking them.

um acctually you do get award for cheating at it

you get banned thats your reward

Lol you are just crazy, it can’t be possible that you didn’t know that using an autoer is against the rules… You punished yourself from playing RuneScape… follow the rules, that’s all Jagex ask… Wait, humm… they aslo ask to enjoy the game lol