70 def!..

i finaly got 70 def after training like crazy all week…
im gonna get full dharok…u could rate my stats if u wanna also

I got 70 defence just a week or two ago.
Lmao, I see zezima logged in! =p

congratz…ur stats are fair for a level 87…7/10

Congrats. How close are you to getting full dharok?

Congrats and good luck on getting full dharok.

awesomness! :smiley:

well i have 25m…so all i gotta do is go get it

Cool, may i ask how you made 25mill with those stats?

merchentin…how else?

lol, Very nice.

Must have taken some merchanting to make 25mill

bout 4 months worth

congratz! i knew how i fealt when i hit 70 att, its a great acomplishment

well done on getting lvl 70 defence!

how much is it for full anywayz??

gratz. it took me 4ever 2 get 70 def since im f2p now :’( i give ur lvls 8/10 cuz at 87 ur att and def is higher than mine was when i was 87

Nice, good work on 70 defence (quite an accomplishment!!)
And also your stats are nice, though you might wanna train on rune crafting as it is only 8… i can understand if you dont like it and why…