72 range, 71 hp, treasure trail, and 1200 total!

Well today I was pretty busy and got a few levels plus a neat clue reward! Heres the pics.

72 range! only 8 more levels till 80 lol!

71 hp! 83 combat yes! 1200 skill total!

treasure trail reward- selling cavalier if anyone wants

congrats on ur skills and nice trail items :smiley:

nice gratz on lvls im 70 range myself

Congrats, i really dont like ranging though, mostly because my range lvl is 23.

ncie work, you must like ranging “72” is quite a big achievment… good work on that

Yeah its my favorite combat skill and I’m trying to get it up to 80 before I work on maging or something else lol.

nice man i like stats and clue

nice pictures

nice i like the screenshots

oohhh… nice lvls… much better than mine. And I’ve seen Sudeki before, when i was cooking lobs once…

~:crazy: spartan

w00t congrats! nice trails reward too! better than anything ive ever gotten.

thanks lol its not that great but oh well…the best thing I’ve ever gotten is a zammy kite.

what lvl was the clue?

not a bad clue…in fact…its pretty good…