73 looking for clan

i am lvl 73 combat and im looking for a clan here are my stats:

Check out Gods of Glory. They are a pretty good clan.

that page dont work and come on i want a clan.

Hey Sowatkillme,

You look like you would be perfect for Masters of Dragons – MoD. We are fairly new but we are already growing rapidly with over 100 members. We have been open to the public for about two months now. Our clan combat average is mid 80s but our main requirement is only 70+ combat. We PK 3 times a week along with tons of other regular events. Anyway, I won’t spam your thread with a big description or tons of screenshots, rather I just suggest checking out our thread we have running in this section and our clan site, or you can contact me in RS, my RSN is Burta:


I’d just also like to briefly say that this clan is run and supported by the owner of RS Boards (http://www.rsboards.com/) and Runescape 100 (http://www.runescape100.com) so you can expect this clan to grow quickly and to be a true force in the game.

You could join 2 skilled go to www.2skilled.tk but thats underconstruction.but it says the members etc.When u join to prove urself loyal n trustworthy u must donate a minimum of 1k to the clan for pk trips btw we have a lvl 93 n lvl 70’s n lvl 60’s n lvl 50’s , so people aroudn ur lvl etc.also u must be P2P

You can join the apocalyptic mages. www.freewebs.com/lilmageclan

join fs-flipsided slayers:
web: www.flipsided-slayers.tk
the req is 70+ we got 70+ ppl in clan

i hate clans

me too, only good ones are ‘The George Clooney Clan’ and ‘The Batman Forever Clan’ and ‘The Bunny In Rite-Aid’ Clans…only good ones

Maybe you hate clans cause you haven’t been in clans like MoD…

Join Imperial Entourage!!!


sowatkill me I noticed you registered a username on the MoD forums, but you haven’t posted an application. If you do that you will be accepted.

join Imperial Entourage!!! We need more clan members!!!