73 str + 85 Combat


nice stats I wish I stoped my def at 60 :frowning:

y is the 81/73 strength all over the screen? oh i give u a 7.5/10

It’s 81/73 from dba spec

It’s all over the screen cause i wanted to make it look kool but suck at gfx :smiley:

I’m gettin 70 as soon as i can buy full dh, no axe cause i already have it

great job on, keep it up =)

Nice would you call that a dragon pure?

the classifaction of a pure is when your strength is higher then your combat. So no, you wouldnt call it a dragon pure.

Lol I was just kidding but nice main there anyway.

man that sucks…just kidding u are good wy is your strenth stats all over the screen

oooo very nice keep 60def and try and be like l 3 g 4 cy
lol anyway go for 75str

im gettin 70 def as soon as i get full dh, i will train str, and i do have a pure so…there

gratz on 73 str

nice stats. but yea y is that strenght thing everywhere?

o and how do u take screenshots?

ummm very nice skills but y does it say 0 and oh i got it now lol my bad very nice skills

Don’t take my word for this but I’m pretty sure you have to hold CTRL and then hit the Print Screen/SysRq button thats above the insert button. That should copy I think and then you go to paint or something and paste it in and save it. I’m not sure though, I’ve done it but i can’t remember for sure… :confused:

is that english?!?!?

Ok, but kind of turning into a cmb noob :slight_smile:
sickmate 8)

im insulted, im not a cmbt noob i just got 60 def for an obby shiled which i never bought