76 fishing and 9k lobsters

as the title says… i finally managed to get 76 fishing and along the way i got up to 9k lobs…

Lol. I powerfished to 60 fishing from 52 and had to get only like 2k of them. Good job =)

thx it took me a long time now i just have to cook so i can cook sharks

grats roe!

wow…great job!
mustve takin alot of hard work…guess its time to grow tons of fishing levels eh?

how much u sell lobs for ea?

Congrats! =)

Now to cook them fishies. :stuck_out_tongue:

congrats man majorly
i might aim for 76 fishing soon
i have 69 right now

how much per lob?

she aint selling them read her post she says i will cook them

nah i changed my mind i sold 8.5k of them for 2.55m and got me a verrac’s brassard for 2.4m

hmm lucky u roe free stuff plox

w000000000000000t!!! have fun fishing sharks :smiley:

congatz not many pple ur lvl have 76 fishing most pple wid 76 fishin
r lvl 100+ so congratz

Yea nice job! Time to get some sharks and sell to high lvl PKers huh?

Good job on getting 76 fishing! Fishing your own sharks 0wnz! Good luck getting to 80 cooking as well :slight_smile:

Nice job on 76 fishing mine is 81, and in those 5 levels it has made me 10M :slight_smile:

I trade my raws for cooked with other players instead of cooking them myself, it’s quicker and you dont get any burnt ones :cool:

Whats your cooking level? Lol.

70 XD, trading with other people is way quicker and better money, unless you are 95 cooking so i never trained it :cool:

Not 95 cooking, Its actually something around 80 with cooking gauntlets.