80 Attack!

Yay finally The pots and glory and dharok helm is from a guy that died.

Nice work dude!
sickmate 8)

Gratz on 80 attack! Gratz on the free dharok helm too :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh was funny I needed cash at the time to ;p.

omfg u luck son of a cheesemoneky! i wuv you…phr33 400k pl0x or ill work for u pl0x? did i meantion i love you? :tongue: grats on 80!

thats very cool

btw: are u selling that dharok helm and if so how much i might buy

congratulations on 80 attack and the dharoks helm!

Where r u training?

Yea, i was wondering because i have no idea where that is.

Its ape atoll by the alter. And I sold the helm for 925k.

grats on 80 att and the helm

congratz on the helm and even more congratz on 80 attack