80 combat!

I missed the pic because he hit me right away and it went away. It would be pointless to post a pick of my stats since you can look them up on highscores. But yeah my name is j_lyle77 if you do wanna look up…

Congratz on 80 Combat :slight_smile:

Congrats on 80 combat :).
I have 80 as well, but I dont ever do combat (seriously, never).
sickmate 8)

lol i onky do combat. I never do non combat skills.

Change your sig =p


congrats add me plz… u deleted me for some reason

who me? i didnt know i had you? I will and thanks for reminding me to change my sig.

congrats guns now you are going to have to get 90 combat

gratz man, thats awesome

congrats :slight_smile: