81 mage woot Tb pot on cow's pure :)

Yea go me :slight_smile: And i blocked out all my other stats casue last post everone seemed to want to tell me how to make him better :stuck_out_tongue: (Now compare your self to my greatness then cry lol)

gratz cow good mage level are u getting 99?

yay first post

hmm i compare me to you and laugh (94 magic haha)
anyways good job almost to beer to tb (mindbomb)

lol good mage lvl

Congratz on 81 magic. Are you gonna keep high alching until 82 or 85 or stop for now?

…i feel…so…insuperior…me and my pathetic 61 mage :S. Ah well good job on the mage level :D:D:D

Good job. Now go for 99. >D

nice mage lvl, have u gotten some good pks?

very nice job :smiley:

tb noob! jk :smiley:

very nice pure shud get 20def for mystic then get 82magic pot up mb ownage

What the fcuk!

TB at level 51.

Ty all and (jack made me cry :*( lol ) and for now it will stay 81 one till i finish my other goals for 60-70 range ,60 att and 60str ( will raise str later) And then do DT and then 82 mage :slight_smile: I will raise to 85 in far future lol :slight_smile:

I feel ashamed, my magic is only 59 and i’m so high lvl…Congratz

get 85 magic and high range and str

Cool nice one :smiley:

Gratzeroni macaroni pizzaroni superoni!!

i think im gonna use that from now on!

very nice gratx on level!

congratz on ur magnificent magic lvl

Nice, grats awesome pure too.
Plus i just edited your pic so u have 99 mage , but gotta do that on stats sections too.

i wish my pkers magic was 88