85 fish :DDD

Hehe, I’m going for 90, only 20k for sharks to go .=0

I was there in spirit! Grats Kyl3

omg congratz :smiley:

congratz say no to 90 fishing say yes to 99 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Rigth now I’d rather fish 20k sharks rather then 88k :slight_smile:

Fake! It’s fake…
~Free Bump~

Shhh don’t tell them! =p

ooo very nice gol wiv 90 i heard u get sharks well fast then :smiley:

lol its alot 88k shrk for 99!

gratz on 85 and wish you luck on 90

FFS, how does the guy who got 70 fishing get more replies the joo?

Gratz gl on 90 fish.

grasts fewl!

congratz…thats quite a achievement…fishing is boring on my opinion… :smiley:

Well done :slight_smile: , fishing has never really been my thing though :frowning:

is it really fake? if it isnt congratz go for 99 non stop also where was that taken?