90 cb yada yada


Not real kean on total lvl, so im going for 1300 beofre any more cb.

Rate if yah want
I rate me a 6.5/10

Congratz on 90 combat woot! :smiley:

Meh good job m8, but now your even farther ahead of me in the race =(

Muahaha! Yes I am.
Thnx Jeff + Command…Does any1 else like me? :frowning:

Nope, your unliked by all :stuck_out_tongue:

Plz post! Now I feel hated 0.0

good job keep going almost at 100

Yada Yada, Good on you! :yes:

Yay people DO like me, and to tell the truth im nowhere near 100 but…meh

i want to get 90combat by xmas
so far i am 78 combat lol my firend and me level a combat level everyday so we will be there realy soon exept he is going for 100combat