90 Cooking

Wow. Gratz, what are you cooking and where are you cooking it?

Not cooking anymore =P

thats pretty good! gratz.

well done on 90 cooking if i was you i would go all the way to 99

gratz on 90 cooking go for 99

0 hey very nice gl wiv 99 hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

Congratulationsssss :).

Get 99, k? :wink:

go for 99 wont take long nice on 90 btw

Heh, nice. You’ve been buying and selling lobsters like crazy, so you deserve it =D

Congratz on 90 cooking!

skill nerd !

are you new to rsr? 0.-

what wrong with good skills

congrats on 90 cooking

congratz on 90 cooking gl on getting it even higher…cook some sharks

gratz on 90 cooking! i reckon u should go for 99!

Pfft you didn’t give me the link in IRC :sad:, shows how much you wub me.

Anyway, gratz on the 90 cook, now get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich :slight_smile:

~ ewok

Congratulations :slight_smile: , only 9 more to go to the top…