90 Minutes worth of seeds

Here is what I collected so far, this should give you an idea of the rarity and distribution of the various seeds.

omg thats heaps!
sickmate 8)

geez, and i bet u got like 10 mill, lol

and the award for ighest farming lvl goes too…

 i swear ur crazy man,those seed will grow up and kill you,lol   :)

Are there definate prices on these seeds and do they have names?

There are no definite prices atm they are all about 200 ea.

And yes they have hundreds of names; onion, potato, srawberry, poison ivy… etc etc

Wow you’re going to be able to like grow, anything… Damn! To me… You look like you’re going to be one of the best farmers in runescape! :smiley:


nah probably not. my friend has 4k seeds now :eek:

Nice seeds, You’ve got a haul.

:wizard: ~Salmoneus~

ur m8 is a rich * zezima will buy loads so there’s no point trying–she can make so much cash so easily :smiley: :twisted

I got more than that in a half an hour, as well as thieve lvl

i just heard his somewhere so ill check here, is there suck a thing as a herb seed?

not that much i have reached 2.5k seeds,got a yew seed:)

dont plant em all at once they will probobly kum up to you and attack buah ha ha ha coughcough* ha…