98 str XD

Thanks for sport, kevin1820 and xmage for coming XD
But stupid kevin had auto retilate on, so he attacked back before i got pic =P

Tried out 98 str right after, hit 32, 27 spec XD…

congratz brian!!! ownage str…whats your max hit???

Congrats, 1 more level. choob

Thats sweet. Oh and are you goign for 99?

Congrats, thats some level ya got there. Good luck on 99. :slight_smile:



Grats :stuck_out_tongue:


You mean Asian Persuasion? :]
Love that ^^^ ^^^^

Congratz. Where do you train at, bandits?

Congratz Bryan- You totally ownzor meh.


weeze 98…98…gets puffer holy crap, nice bryan :D. Only one more level till gasp the point where you have no life!! Lol jks, but nice job.

Wow, Nice job. :smiley:

ownage to the MAX good luck on 99

Congratz man (i still remember you at like lvl 90 or something)

whos that sexy beast in the skirt?

nice lvl :slight_smile:

yay for noob kill.

nice str ownage lvl

ooo u have the stats of like a lvl 120 but cus ur prayer is low ur combat is lower hehe gd work
u shdu go for 60prayer then 99att,99str,95def(maybe 99),then if u have alot of spare time 94magic lol

Is it you? :frowning:

Congratz on ur 98 str!! drools Wow…

thats me!!! xD congrats on 98 str!!!

98—99 g’lcuk bryan