99 combat/1616 skill total - Looking for skills clan

Does anyone have, or know of a skills clan that I could potentially join? My top stats are:

99 fletching
99 cooking
89 smithing
87 runecrafting
86 thieving
85 mining

I have 1616 skill total with over 61,000,000 experience.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: !


We are the phoenix fighters; we aim at levels 40+ but those slightly less that 40 can enter.
If you are interested please fill out the application below.orcontact me (elvivo1) on the game

Combat lvl:
Range lvl:
Mage lvl:
Best non combat skill:
Will you be loyal? :
what is you time zone?:
Will you donate to the clan?:


  1. Follow jagex rules
  2. Respect any other member
  3. Trouble makers will be thrown out
  4. No multi-clanning
  5. Have fun =D
    Punishments vary from having to do tasks for the clan and being permanently banned.


elvivo1 (that’s me=D )-combat 58

—Second in command—


— elvivo1 — Level 58
—4o def ownz—
—stargate kid—
–n k puremage—
—cute n wild7—
—p kaustin—
—Permanently banned members—

We go by GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)
This is the u.k.
We allow any1 from any countries but it is up to you to join clan activities.
All meetings held world 105(non-mem) at our head quarters which is at edgeville upstairs the general store. All meetings and events are held by GMT.

Monday-clan meeting-7pm -at HQ
Tuesday-day off
Wednesday-short pking trip, or another option chosen by members, meet at HQ 7pm.
Thursday-train up a skill of your choice.
Friday-clan meeting-7pm HQ
Sat-long pking trip! 7pm, meet at HQ.
Sun-day off

No thanks, no mention even of a clan forum, and not many members.

I could post our clan recruitment stuff but, I wanted to ask you personally to come to our clan. the shadow warriors:

We have had quite a few nature running events, as well as woodcutting events, We have actually had more skills events than pking or wars, so please come check us out at
Forum Link: http://s12.invisionfree.com/RSshadowWarriors/index.php?


75+ Combat —
80+ Range / Mage If Combat Requirments Not Met
[li]If you are…
[li]Someone Who Flame’s Other Clans…
[/li][li]Scared To Lose Rune…
[/li][li]Wont’ Be Active
Then Don’t Both Registering On our Forum

You’ll Fit in This Clan Very Well.

Clan Name:Shadow Warriors (SW)
Clan Combat Average: 83.213
Clan Hitpoints Average: 70.478
Clan Member Count: 13
War Record: 0 - 0
Fun War/Mini War Record: 0 - 0


Kalphite Queen (Drop Shared)
King Black Dragon
Snowball Fights
Mini Wars
Fun Wars
Official Wars
Castle Wars
Fight Pits

There Are Space’s Open So Apply And get A good rank Before The Clan has 100+ Member!

Leader: Arnan1991 (99 CB)

Co-Leader: Cutie B (108 CB)
Co-Leader:Bollard (104 CB)

Warlord: Teazer1(90 + range)

High Council:RichyRich75 (113 CB)

Recruiter:Steven B13

F2P or P2P: Our clan includes about 50% free players and 50% members. We do our best to have both f2p and p2p clan activities To make It fair We Make Sure both f2p and p2p event funs.

Events: Not interested in PKing? Looking for a relaxing, enjoyable time just hanging out with other players? We have a very active event team that keeps us all busy with fun activities. Some examples of these include Fight Pits, Kalphite Queen Trips, Barrows Trips, Caste Wars, Drop Parties, Fun Wars.

How to Join:
1. Go to the our site and READ THE RULES.
3. Click on the “Apply” forum.
4. Read the “Requirements and Application Form” topic and COPY the application form.
5. Go back to the “Apply” forum and click “New Topic”
6. PASTE the form into the new topic and fill out all information. Then click submit.
7. Make sure to register for an account on our forums by clicking the “Register” button on the forum index page. Please use your runescape name when registering but
NOT your runescape password!

Hmm, I shall think it over. Arnan1991 is on my friends list as it happens to be :slight_smile: … I’m a bit concerned about there only being 13 members, but still, I’ll have think about it :slight_smile:

Clan Website: www.redbladehunters.co.uk

The Red Blade Hunters clan is a fast-growing and powerful 65+ Combat clan, with dedicated, active members and a strong, undefeated war history. With regular PK trips, non-combat activities and an active, friendly forum and community, it’s no wonder that RBH is one of the best clans of their level out there.

Our clan is friendly to many different timezones, including GMT, EST and AEST.

Gangsterprt2| Benjiben10
CHC999 Evil

War Officers

Lower Council
Faelenof | Neogeoeugene

Our requirements are: (you only need one to qualify)

  • 65+ Combat
  • 60+ Combat with 72+ Strength
  • 60+ Combat with 72+ Mage
  • 60+ Combat with 72+ Range

To join RBH, just register on our forums (www.redbladehunters.co.uk) and post a new topic in the ‘Joining’ forum, filling out the following application form:

RS Name:
Type of Fighter:
Combat level:
Mage, Range or Strength lvl:
Best Non-Combat Stats:
Previous Clan(s):
Why did you leave your previous clan(s):
How did you find out about this clan:
Why do you want to join this clan:
What city/country do you live in:
Did you know if you dont post three posts a week you will be kicked from the clan?:

Join RBH today!

Clan Website: www.redbladehunters.co.uk

Hmm, looks pretty good, I may give them a try :slight_smile: !

We are a brand new clan. We are currently undecided if its a pk or anti-pk clan. Myself, the leader, used to be part of the wilderness guardians till i quit rs for a bit and left the WG. We have a clan website that is there for information.


please go on it and apply for it if u meet the requirements.

Current requirements are:

70+ combat
60+ combat with 60+ range or 60+ magic
65+ woodcutting and/or 50+ Fletching(Members Only)
50+ cooking and fishing(for now)
50+ mining and smithing(for now)

When we have many members we will do anual events such as drop parties, Kalphite Queen runs(members only), treasure hunts, KBD trips(members only)
and Pk trips(if we decide to be pk clan, plus occasional clan wars.

I will be assigning leaders and mods for the clan and website, so the first few to join if they wish may become 1 of these if they are worthy of the spot.

if you’re looking for a skills clan i suggests MASORS (miners and smithers of runescape) but if not…

[u]Clan Name:[/u] Nemesis Warriors
[u]Leaders:[/u]: Awaisy2003 [100] and Foshegro [105]
[u]Warlord:[/u]: Innovation25 [101]
Clan link: http://s9.invisionfree.com/Nemesis_Warriors/index.php?
[u]F2P or P2P:[/u] F2P: 65%, P2P: 35%
Clan Time-Zone?Mainly American and European times

[u]Clan Reqs:[/u]

  • Combat lvl 80+
  • Combat lvl 78+ w/ 80+ Magic
  • Combat lvl 78+ w/ 80+ Range

Clan Statistics
Members: 45+
Average: 90.078

Clan History
This Clan Started on March 15th, 2005 (1st anniversary soon!) and it was quite active for a new 70+ clan. We had weekly pk trips that had 20 people and other fun events that kept the members coming. Then around in the summer bad things started to happen, most of our loyal members started to leave for much stronger clans and our events were bad either not a lot of people showed or it was crashed and this kept on going till Mid-October, until the current leader decided to step it up and make this clan what it once was. Now it is a fairly active clan, that has 35+ active members with a 90 combat average.

-Weekly PK Trips (usually 2 a week)
-Mini-Wars/Full out wars
-Castle Wars
-Drop Party’s
-Fight Pits
-And many more events!

[u]The Rules:[/u]
The Leaders, Council, and Warlord expects you to follow these rules. If you do not follow these rules, it will not be taken lightly and action WILL be taken against you. To see the rules of Nemesis warriors just simply click on the link


[u]What the leaders expects of you[/u]
The leaders expect you to be active on the forums as well on RS. To be a loyal member. To be respectful of others. And to come to every event as humanly possible.

So if you want to join just go to our forums and make an application where a leader, warlord, or council member will accept you!


We hope you will join :slight_smile:


lol good active clan…join it

Yes Joey, its very active , with great members, unbeat war record, Ty simba for joining RBH =)

Hello i am the leader of the assassins of night clan we have 46 (one unregistered) members. I’m level 93. Our highest level is 101. Our average is about 78. We have a new forum so not every1 has regestered there. Our website is http://assassinsofnight.myfreeforum.org. we have many events including castle wars, tzhaar fight pits, f2p pk trips, we will do p2p when we get more people coming regurly, kbd, 'fun events, fundraisers, drop partys for some holidays, and you can host your own event just don’t overlap any other events pre plannedthat are posted. Requirements is level 40+ though some exceptions may vary. Lvl 30+ with a Referall.


Ze Bloodz

These are just some i just started taking pics last events so only ones i have

You can join The Black Leaf (TBL), you would make a great asset and we would love you in the clan. Here is our information.

Read it first. This isnt the usual Yada Yada.

Our Website


85+ Combat or 80+ Ranged/Mage lvl

Clan Info

We are a very friendly f2p and p2p pk & war clan, but we also hold many other events such as KQ and KBD trips, drop partys, skill training events, fun wars and much more!
We have been around for about 8 months, but we had closed the clan for personal reasons…so now we are Re-opening!

Cyrus190 - Combat 106
Servos0 - Combat 104

High Council
Ryanw4390 - Combat 105
Aragorn7111 - Combat 101
Kbron1 - Combat 95


of Active Members - 40+

Average Combat - 93
Average Hitpoints - 78
Highest Level Member - 110

We speak english the most in this clan but other languages are welcome.

Time Zones
Our time zone is central but we most of our have events are made so that people around the world can participate no matter what the time is.

F2P or P2P
We have equal members of F2P and P2P

Pk Trips
We have a minimum of three pk trips a week.

If you dont like pking we have an active events committee that has a different event every week. We have cookouts, firefests, fun wars,and drop parties.

Yes we have teamspeak and alot of our members use it for chatting, pk trips, events and other. Our IRC channel is #tblrs.

Clan Rules
We have 10 simple but important rules that have to be followed if you want to stay in the clan

1:Don´t kill clan members or allied clan members.
2:Obey and respect your leaders.
3:Don’t Flame (insult) AT ALL.
4:You are not allowed to flee in any way from battle when with clan unless given permission
5:You are not allowed to be in any other clans.
6:Racism or sexual harassment will not be tolerated.
7:You are not allowed to participate in wars that do not support The Black Leaf.
8:No begging for free stuff is allowed.
9:Public chat must remain on “friends” or “of” at all times in the wilderness.
10:You must remain silent at pk trips.

These are simple rules that anyone can follow.


Pk Trips


Ally Pktrips:


How To Join

  1. Go to our[Forums](http://s12.invisionfree.com/the_black_leaf)
  2. Register the name you want
  3. Click Applications
  4. Read the “Requirements and Application Form” topic and COPY the application form.
  5. Go Back to “Application”.
  6. Click New Topic
  7. Paste the form in the new topic and fill it in

Please note that the application should look like this

Runescape Name:

Combat Mage and Range Level:

Are you in any other clan at the moment?:

Have you been in any previous clans?:

Reasons for leaving those clans:

How did you find out about The Black Leaf?:

Will you post 5 or more times a week on the forums?:

Can you attend to 5 or more events a month?:

How many hours per week do you play Runescape?:

Do you have Swift Switch?:

Do you agree with our rules?:

After you have posted an aplication and registered an account, talk to a leader or high council to be validated.

One of the RBH leaders made an absolute idiot of himself in the IRC chat. So, that’s that clan out of the window. I don’t want to be demeaned like that :\ … I’ll take a look at TBL :slight_smile:

Shadow Warriors now has 26 members, you should really join.

Our average combat lvl is 91 so you’ll fit in well :smiley:

It’s a possibility, I’ll keep it in mind :slight_smile:

From what I see, I think Simba is looking for a Clan where they all go Abyss RCing together, and some others guard the others while they RC. FireFests, Going Rune Rock Minning in the wild and having lots of people covering when clans come by to kill them. Fishing Guild parties, things as such.

Meaning I don’t think Simba is looking to only go PK, but more of activities in which she is using her skills and others help each other out.

So if you’re posting with clans that all you do is PK others in the wild, I think this isn’t the right place.

If I am mistaken in what I think Simba you want, you can ask me to delete this post, but thats what I understand the kind of clan you might be looking for?

yeah i know simba said he wanted a skills clan

Join Tranquility. Skilling clan. Btw your 100 cb, fool :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you have a link to their site that Simba could maybe visit?