99 Cooking!!


Thanks To TheGhost0 for letting me cook 1,046 Lobbies!

congratz nub, jk

wow how long would 72 to 92 take?rofl it seems like you got 98 to 99 in 1 day so 72 to 92 shouldent take long

w00t! congratz :stuck_out_tongue: i waited for like an hour lol :smiley: but congratz on first 99 skill and g’night jeff le chef :tilt:

Nice, congrats.
sickmate 8)

if wiling to pay alot for tons of raw sharks not long at all

gratz on 99 must’ve taken you alot of gold and time

Congrats Jeff, now to get all skills to 99 lol.

jeffman u did it ill meet u at 94 cooking in a bit :slight_smile:


gratz on your first 99 skill.


sweet… congratutalions… how long time wise did it take ?

massive congratz dude :smiley:

Wow, congratulations, you did 98-99 quite quickly :slight_smile: !

wow, congratz dude:) btw, where or what is that place??

Woot congratz man =] Now for fletching?

wow. that was really quick. u lvled up so quickly. good job.

god nice congratz on ur first 99 skill and i mite add very nice other lvls to cant w8 to c u post bout ur next lvl 99 skill

nice job man

Tell you the truth, you make cooking look way to easy 98 to 99 under a day Dam

Well done told you you would get it by the time i would be on :smiley: