99 range or dragon chain

well right now im gonna be making cannon balls for a while and i was wondering what i should get a dragon chain or 99 range i cant make up my mind.

I would say range, since you could use it for more situaitions such as pking (unless you want to bring a d chain with you while pking)

But what do I know?

whats ur range now? it depends on various things lol

im 91 range

I say 99 range, you can own anyone pking

hmm 91 range…to 99 range… im gonna check a few things…

99range d chain realy is just a pritty thing not worth losing in wildy

I say 99 range to.

99 Range because you can make your money back via PKing.

well… that would take 3457267 cannon balls or so… i mean if u have tiem to make that many cannon balls then yes get 99 range but to get about 30 mil u only need 166667 cannon balls if u sell at 180 each

I’d say 99 range… in fact I’m training for 94 right now, I bought 300k bronze.

99 range, D chains aren’t that good ;). They just look cool and show that you have too much money ^_~.

99 range. It’ll come out handy in wild

how did you get that number of cannon balls

he’s probably guessing

went to rsbandb look up ur range xp and put 99 on the desired skill thingy found the xp and divided by 2. because cannons only give 2xp per hit. for the 30 mil… i got my calculator and divide 30,000,000 by 180 and got 166666.67 and i rounded up to 166667

99 Range because it will help you in the long run.

Are you going to use the Dragon Chain for defence or showing off?

caculators arnt that good for checking how many arrows or cannon balls you need for range lvls ;\

99 ranged, no doubt.

Wrong… you get 2XP per hit times the damage so it’s more like 40 XP per hit average…