99 str (H)

now to get the fire cape

32 whips drop so far

gratz =], good luck with fire cape too =p

Winned. Congratz! :D.

Wow! Congratulationz on 99 strength!
32 whips =0 Thats a lot of whips…

Grats :stuck_out_tongue: Im um…8M exp behind ;(

ooo very nice shud get prayer nd def up den ownage hehe

congrats on 99 str!!!

Wow, huge big gratz on 99 strength, nice slayer too might i add.

Gratz on 32 whips, thats only like 90mil lol.

Ownage :smiley:

Lots of whips :slight_smile:

Wowie. Cool, Thats some awesome stats too.

Nice one…

Not that many whips :smiley:


gratz :wink: @@!@@@! @!

gratz on 99 strength, 32 whips holy dooly!!

wow gratz on the str!!! thats ownage
32x3=way too much money!!! :wink:

Ummm, can I have 1 whip… =)