a closer lumby to wilderness

i think it would be kool if say…you die in the wilderness there would be like a wilderness lumby
beacause persnoally…when i run out of foo and die i protect my r2h and i hate walking all the way back from lumby to the wilderness

                               what do you guys think?

People can come back in seconds then… might as well take the walk to recover :stuck_out_tongue:
The reason for lumbridge being far is so the person who dies cannot retrace his items. IF they made a closer spawn, then you can just pop up and take back your items before then even get the chance to take. No fun :wink:

also newbies who wouldn’t know much about the game would go there all the time, and not know it. they need to learn about it first.

i agree, if ppl die then they might be able to run back and get their stuff or something, and then there would be no fun…

I think its easy to understand. “when you die you go to lumbridge” and thats that. Its just easy.

EDIT If your in a member world and you die, do u go to lumby?

Personally, I think that even if the wildy is nearby to lumby, you won’t get there fast enough to get your stuff back since your stuff appears as soon as you’re killed… But the idea still is cheap since newbies who do venture into the wildy do need to learn that they are risking everything… A closer wildy just spoils people more to make them realize that dying in the wildy isn’t as bad as it is now…