A Cool Thing Happened To Me...

One day i was happily training at the Brimhaven Agility Arena,when a lvl 85 guy died on one of the obstacles. I thought no one bothered to bring anything useful with them, but he did, he brought about 90k with him. Since I am only level 50, I had never seen this much money before, so i took it and ran off.

If you have any stories like that, post them here.

You are lvl 50 and you think 90k is a lot of money. By the time I was lvl 50, I had full rune already.

Lol I am really poor.

lol great for you (im not being sarcastic)

well i was training on lvl 9 al kreaid guards(lol) and this guy start having a bad time he was higher than me and im like come on die! and he does! no one else was around so i grabbed all his stuff. guthix kite, brown cav, rine of wealth and ammy of glory. those were the best items and he got to keep three items so he had really good stuff

If your story is true, then congratulations. But i doubt anyone higher than combat lvl 62 with that kind of equipment would be killed by al kharid warriors.

i know not many ppl believed me but if yo want proof i can show you in game

u got guthix kite from that guy?!?!?!?!
and he died from lvl 9 al kharaid warriors


Wow u r lucky.

thank you if you need proof im happy to show people

yeh, same as me…

by lvl 50 i had like 200k+ full rune, rune 2h+scim and other stuff =. i had 1 mill by lvl 59.

how can someone die from the al kahraid warriors :? :? it seems kind of impossible to die from them unless u are like, lvl 4, 5, or 6. :roll: :roll:

right i was in party hall on world 2 when sum1 put full rune in the crate
i pulled the lever and i poped baloons i got rune bod kite scim and helm!!!

take off some of you !!!'s :?.

I edited your post, next time you get a warning.

Wow thats luck an a half

I’ll say!

Dang you guys are lucky.

Im lv 54 and have 104k, and 100k plus worth of stuff. Plus I have pretty good skills for making money, I just dont take time to dedicate myself to my work. I just like killing people and playing Castle Wars, which are basically the same thing.