a deathmatch

won by 11 sharks i am lvl 108 hes lvl 109

he beat me in the re dm

very nice pk! what are climbing boots for?

they add strength bonus

they add strength bonus[/quote]

They do? lol, you learn something new everyday…

~ ewok

wow blink ur awesome!

pretty cool, i think im becoming a mmber soon!

blink rock on

Blink and his pking…
NICE!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yet another awesome pk from blink, whats next, full dragon??? :lol:

Nice Pk Blink! Why didn’t the guy tele? Did u cast tele blcok on him?

cool! Awsome pk…! Lucky… lol… :wink:

it was a death match once you agree neither one of u tellys or runs…btw nice kill to bad he came back and beat ya

It was a DM not a PK. Nice match btw, too bad you lost second time.

hey i c that u have greenfox and runefox on ur list there my friends toa and the marrek guy ive killed him in members to i hate him wats his range 96+? :lol: :lol:

Nice pk dude (or dudette)

Very nice PK Keep sending us awesome pics!

very nice blink. you have pretty good stats aswell (looked on highscores)

Awsome DM and was your friend fighting someone else too, cause it seems it may be so on the mini map.

hes 99 range

i saw that guy in lumby that was so funny i go did u die and he said he did and made a reason that must of been u lol!