a drawn pic by my brother :josh

this is a pic of my brothers drawing he did of mirokus staff and im sorry its so big i couldn’t make it littler

its better then what i could draw 8-10…BTW how old is your brother?

my brother is 12 years old

not half bad 8/10 :smiley:

heres a pic of miroku’s staff now compare that staff with his drawing i almost hardly see a difference

8/10 it is pretty cool

Ooh, Inuyasha! :wink: Not bad!

nice! 8/10. I am 12 and i can’t draw for ****! nice!

looks just like it 10/10

my brother says thanks for the 8+/10 rateings and he says he might draw inuyasha’s sword or something like that

Your brother could be the next Joliojolio lol :wink:
8/10 8)

lol i dont think so joliojoilo is the best