a f2p war level 3-50

im hosting on my low level account a war all noobs welcome anyone intrested pm me on rsr :slight_smile:

im in ~ Mike

mentalmage0 he will be there i will get my m8s lvl 31 44 mage 5 defence

are u serious lvls 3-50? pfft…uhhh…ima have to sit this out then :frowning: lol im way over 50

ah man i wanted 2 come but im kinda over lvl 50…


I’m in, lvl 32 ranger

35range 20def

like everyone here is pretty much over 50…lol

I would come with my pure ranger, but he died to a white knight (stupid knights always kill me). If he gets enough money to buy a bow i will come.

lvl 46 baby! Count me in!

When and where?

i’ll try to come but when?

it will be 5:30 english time (sorry i dont know american or anything)10th of june any level can come om me your useername

pm me your username on rsr if coming

and over 50s aloud =)

mentalmage0 what world?

wat world wat time eastern american figure it out ur hosting the war

world 35
and a change of time pm me your names so i can pm you on rs

00avs00 thats my name

and uh can’t u just post the time on here plz

incase we are not on and make it eastern standard american for all us new yorkers