A few of us from realm got together to say hi

dont rate, but it is kool, infil and ogo and demon, and some others got together and took a pic (im the one with d med and d sq)

mine will be here soon!

Who got what at the party?

Wonder what he used the lamp on?

This is what i got Hope you like em!

thats very nce, 10/10

i have some coming soon!

lol thats cool…i like it


I wasn’t saying, “Cheese!” I mistimed it. Nice pic, Calenel! By the way, I’m the one with the mime mask.

Calenel I admire your picture taking!

im the one looking like a noob btw heres the pics…

Thats me!

lol! my genie was on top of infil and it looked like the genie said cheese!

lol i wish i could get friends from runescape realm then i could do that…

ill be your friend :smiley:

your right calenel it does…

Hmm… i have an idea lets get a date and a time set up for another one… ill bring the beer… (if i can afford to lol) :slight_smile:

I’ve got it! I will make another post stating a date and a time and we can get all kinds of people from realm to come and it could be like a Realm picture for the site maybe!

Hey is there anyway that I could be in the picture?

not a bad idea brother.

lol infiltrator was under that genie, i thought ya just edited to make it look like that…
…and i will join in the next session can you pls pm me with a time and date in AEST (australian eastern standard time) btw i live in queensland so no daylight saving

i made a thread concerning the next date.

i started one! :lol: