A few p2p pks from today :))

this one he safe ate but we worked together to get it done :stuck_out_tongue:

50 bloods in there ^

and on this the guy said he knew me as a friend long time ago we walked up to where he was (giants) and he attacks me… so im like ight then… his mate asked for mteam but ut ewas too late… :slight_smile: g maul, and dds in pile paper got maul i got dds.

was a drop kill for both of us

nice you should get acinents now

yup still workin on it :s

dang. wats ur mage?
btw…can someone tell me a way i can fix my sig.

I like the multi there mate! coughteamer/pjercough


HAWT! Tellys in second pic.

And LMAO! PKing with fire wave.

Oh yeh, anyone can PK someone if there teaming. Whats the obsession with 30K kills anyway?

awsome pks… btw wut is your magic lvl/combat lvl?

76 mage and 52 combat… i’ve used 300 bloods in mage arena on sara strike but it still says i cant do it… so 1 q answered and hedge really sdfu im serious i don’t think ur gaining any respect from me tellin me that i have tellies… i could really care less anyways.

nice job on pks

Fire wave lolz o.O gratz I suppose.

great kills