A few things...

Yes, I have been away for a few days.

No, I have not left or “quit” RSR as many of you seem to think, and have asked me over pm’s

No, I do not care that Duke edited his post count to have a higher post count than me.

No, I will not be leaving RSR bcz of the above. As I said, it doesn’t matter.

Yes, I am still buying all the dragon hides I can get my hands on.

Yes, I had a really funny conversation with Duke Freedom. I’ll post that in the runescape thread later on (if he gives me permission to do so, which I will ask next time I see him on)

Yes, I think this place is great. And I"ll be back to my usual posting frenzy next week (after the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend is over)

Noob :wink:

Glad to hear that you’ve not left though. 'Twas getting quiet.

I hear it does that when I go away…

It does get quiet when your not posting. No one likes to double post, and you fill the gap inbetween.

Shh! Keep your voice down.

Keyser520, aka, the “gap filler”.

What am I? The cure to double posting? Sheesh… I thought I had more intrinsic value than that!

bubble bursts

it was loud b4 keyser came… but back then gemini posted on EVERY topic… how much u buy hides for?

NO!!! i mean welcome back…

Ah keyser, dear. You are the very heart and soul of RSR. :slight_smile:

As Mr.Parris once said, “RSR was quieter than a nerd in a library”, forget what thread though.

this one nerd in my library is hella loud, he snorts and picks his nose while on the comp… (eww…)

Hello Keyser :slight_smile: Should I give you a recording message? Lol, just welcome back.

blushes YOu’re too kind!

Yeah without you we had no heart or soul to speak of… mocked by all…
Pretty normal in other words.
Welcome back.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean, but OK…

And to whoever asked about the hides, it was 2.1k each for blues and 1.5k each for greens… but if you want to sell, pm me, don’t talk about here.

Iseetrees said u were the heart and soul of rsr… therefore without you we had no heart or soul.
I want to hear that Duke Freedom convo, too.

You know Duke Freedom? :gasp: What’s he like?

I don’t know him personally. I just talked to him today. You can find the conversation posted in the runescape forum section.

He seemed quite nice and, at points, witty :slight_smile:
It was an enjoyable conversation.

At points, so he wasn’t witty through out? :eek:
Hmm… Jealousy possibly

Oh please. Do you know people who are witty 100% of the time, in every word they say?

Good grief…

I’m constantly witty…
Like a bag… Of witty related objects.