A fish i caught last year during the summer.

3 feet long
2 feet around the stomach
28+ pounds (the scale only went to 28 and his lip ripped cause he couldnt hold its own weight on the scale)
Caught with 12 pound test line.
Caught in Lake Erie.

Had a fellow fisherman to lend us their net to get the fish on the pier. Bent his net rim and ripped a tiny hole in the netting. Water was about 10 feet from where were standing.

I’m on the left, right is my dad.

i almost cought a pike that big…but it broke the line
nice fish though, u frame it or eat it (probly ate)

I wanted to stuff it but costs to much. Most deffinitly didn’t eat it, their not good eating fish. I caught it with 12 pound test line too.

lol just like catfish

Actually catfish is eatable. When i went to tenesse last summer my aunt and unlce have small pond in their backyard. They stock it with blue gill/sun fish and catfish. The family caught aobut 3-5 catfish and had it for dinner, catfish just doesnt have much taste thats all.

Cool fish…I live right by Lake Erie!!!

You live in Pennsylvania? I hoping to catch another one, but even bigger. :smiley:

i live right by lake erie to but i live in ontario Canada, adn i catch fish around that big all the time, i have a creek and a river in my back yard. well maby not that big but close.

but thats a nice catch

Quite a fish. Nice.