A Forum for rare items (don't think we have one)

Yes, I wanted to buy a robin hood hat but I don’t know were to buy one.
So I thought we need a rare item forum, in the market section.

I think we should just stick with the general forum. I don’t think that there would be enough people selling there. Not to mention the work…

I dissagree, It is easy to put another forum in there. I just wanted to see if anyone else wants one too because I haven’t seen people buying or selling rare items, so this will encourage people to come to this site to buy rare goods on sale for cheap and even make more people check up on the market.

ya that would be nice cause im tryin to sell a page and cant find a buyer

yeah i agree, also more items must be added for the item db i cannot find much in it atall ( i can help get the items list easly and the info)

Yes I agree it would be an excelleny addition to RSR.

Ok then I see your point. But one persons definition of rare might be different to someone elses definition of rare. If you catch my drift…

It might work if there were certain specifications as to what is considered a “rare” item. Would this take up a lot of bandwidth?

It sounds like a good idea and it would be great because if you are trying to buy or sell rare items you don’t know where to go. I think it would work fairly well.

One listing of rare items would be holiday drops, or just items in the game that are really hard to find, or get (excluding quest items).

Ok guys I have sent a pm to Duke and we are now awaiting his response.

i just had a thought, with one peeps could scam saying that some easy 2 get items are rare and making peeps buy for ridiculas ammounts

Even more reason to have this idea go through. That way if someone is trying to scam another (say for charcol, or something), check the forum and see what it’s really worth.