a funny math class moment

ok, i was practicing geomentry when my teacher told us to do problems 1-10 so i did them but when i was at problem 7 i noticed something diffrent from the other problems…IT WAS BLANK! i saw it and burst out laughing then told my teacher and she checked the answer book and it had an answer for it. lol…i still got credit for cause i put down the answer for from the answer book (the teacher let me)

oh wow hilarious :slight_smile:

must of been cool having no #7 in you book

Erm, congratulations?

Should be in my Maths lessons…

My teacher frequently trips over… she’s a complete nutball.

lol i guess lucky number 7 is lucky

u laugh too easy, lol

ok, I have an awesome story, so we had this one teacher, obsessed with cats. She loved cats, so one day we played the meyow game, where you jsut go meyow in the middle of class and other things like saying “how are you meyowing?” well we did it for like a week, some kid even brought in one of those little tape recorer/interview things and played ther sound repeatedly, whenever she would ask kids would say what are you talking aobut? kids found out her classroom number, they called it and did the meyow thing, she went home early one day thinking she was crazy, everyone told her the next day, woow.

ok well we found out our head teachers password, so…:slight_smile:
we put porn as her screensaver, and in an admin metting it came up XD
we were in the metting as the school council. we were pissing ourselves laughing lol, it took her 10 mins to change it back to normal it was so funny lol

ummm really funny…yea right…what the hell was the point of that?

Your very sad.

lmao that would be funny eldraian but everyone respones to you bad because I think you made a post about that dude, and you said he was good, so now peeps dislike you…


lol, that made my day :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry Beep, your story wasn’t that funny :frowning:

Math book writers frequently make mistakes.

lol, once a couple of students in art class change the settings of the art teacher’s account into german and started to erase ramdom programs from her computer…

Your schools computer system sounds VERY safe -.- we cant even have screensavers at ours.

I sometimes crash the computers by selecting all the applications in the “Applications” folder and opening every one of them. But I don’t do that often.

ya its fun to do that, if u have Novell on your school computers, go to Folders, Search, than type in like (space), and only choose it to pick apps, everyone that comes up, select all of them, and hit enter, have fun :smiley: