a glitch on rs with pingu53!

look @ this, pingu53 said he was nxt 2 me, but he wasnt, i went ova 2 him and he looked like he was teleporting! He was so small!

I jus realised, he could pk ppl without them seeing!

omg i wonderd what u were talking about 8O

L0l thats funny.

umm whats so funny… hes just teleing

was he always that small :?:

that was after id tele’d

hes just teleporting

thats so cool

that happened to me once… cept i was the guy that just teled and i walked around realli small but my friends couldnt see me… they saw me as normal sized so yea its not a fake but a glitch… :slight_smile:

lol that would be so evil in the wildy heehhe :twisted:

anyways funny pic lol

he used a monkey talisman that can transform u into 4 types of monkeys a zombie monkey a tiny monkey as the picture a gorrila and a normal moneky

rs is having soo many glithces now… pretty wierd… anywyas good job on teh screen shot if that is a glitch

Man he was teleporting, I seen that happen before.

omg its not a glitch, hes just teleporting!!!

Hey speaking of glitches i was logging off and then i logged in and suddenly invalid username or password i cant belive it adn i also spent money on a 12 month mail order what am i to do???

trust me guys, i dont make fake pics, well i havent yet! and if he was teleing, he would hav purple around him.