A good story cus i made a new friend but bad ending.

Well this all happened about a week ago when i was anti Pking with some friends and thin we sall these 2 lvl 78 pkers chasing this lvl 45 at 41 wildy and they were killing him and i ask them to stop so they ask me y they should stop and i said they would rather have more fun killing me in my full rune and they might get some rune if they killed me so they asked my 2 lvl 51 and 52 friends if they wanted to stand up for the lvl 45 to and they said no thin 1 pker ran up to my friend and said that if he and my other friend killed me they would be spared so my 2 friends wanting life and there full addy started attacking me but i easily killed both of them and thin i told the pkers to let the 45 go and they said not until ur dead so thin i ran up to both pkers and started attacking 1 of them than i attacked the other pker and thin they were both attacking me and i told the 45 to run and he did so now me and him r friends but i lost full rune after running out of lobbys.

True bravery… im touched

Sounds like lies to me.

hmmmmmm nice story 8)
but bad end :? exept u 2 are frieds now :smiley:

sounds like u traded full rune for a friend :smiley:

you have great courage young one lol

Young grasshopper, you have learned the true ways of kindness! :stuck_out_tongue:

snif that was some haroic act but what about your other friends?

they ask to be friends again and if i could forgive them.

im still deciding…

hmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmm ok story i guess :). but very very unfortunnet :wink: i would of watch the lvl 45 die because I like to see someone full to the ground dieing =)

very brave indeed :wink:

since i am relegios i will go on the path of forgivness and forgive my old comrads but i shall never become a friend of theres again for there acts of treachery against me.

I think that’s probably the best choice.

Wow… Such a story of true bravery, compassion, and courage… Man, if I were you, I’d never forgive my “friends”… I mean what kind of friend would betray another for life? The only way I’d even consider forgiving a friend in that situation is if they told me “I’m sorry Geminiman, I’m gonna have to kill you because I don’t want to lose the 10+ Insert rare item that exceeds 10 mil in cost that I have in my inventory right now and sorry for being such an idiot for even considering to bring a rare item into the wildy”… But it’s nice to know that you’re forgiving your friends… Such a brave story that you have enlightened us with… Kudos to you for stepping up for a person in need and congrats on making friends with him to…

yes iv seen that happen b4…let me tell u a story of the old days still in rsc… a long time agon in the darkest of places…ther was 2 boys pking together and 2 girls pking together…the leader of the girls team said out loud " youll never kill us!!! never!!!" then me i said " we mite lose this battle…but perhaps not the war of these 2 clans!" and so they atked me and my comrad…i was 3/4 hp left then i walked away wen ever they tried atkin me i wud not atk them so then they stoped atkin and asked…“y du u not atk us!?” and i said this to get out of dieing…“cuz i love u” and the girl that was atkin me erlier said “Ha!!! i dont blive that! and i said it again and then the other part of her team killed my comrad…and so i said “hav merci on my soal!” and they said “fine if u help us then we will” so i pretended to b on ther team and i added the girl that I DID like and said “i luv u plz hav merci” and she said “y shud i blive u?” and then i sent her a msg saying “iv sat in the shadows watching u…u never saw me but i hav watched u” then she said “ok…” then i atked the other girl who was advancing on the girl i liked and said “u betrayed me by talkin to this peace of dirt!” and i atked her and said “u shall not liv 2 say that again!” and then i was almost dead the girl i liked said “here watsupo hav sum food” and i said “i shall not need that!!” then i died with the other girl and she laghed and said " foolish person…your next” advancing once again on the girl i liked…and she as well died but long after me…then she sent me a msg and i said once again that i luved her and that my sacrafice was for the gods and her wisdom…thats a true story and im not giving any names and even if i did i wudnt b able to…1 week after that battle i was hacked and my whole friends list gone…i luckily remembered a few names but not all of them…o i so long 2 sum how find her again…btw that was true bravery u said ther zarroks!

wow that either a really good lie(im not sayin it is its just something to bogle with) or you have a brave heart…a very brave heart

Yes, that is trully courage. I would have done that for my friends except I dont go out in the wildy much. But they are not your true friends if they did that.

wow, whatsupo, thats really…lame… its a computer game, you can’t “love” someone you don’t know. i believe in love at first sight, bt still there is no way that you can love someone on a pixel graphics game, i mean jeez, thats sad… really sad…

both of the stories r cool i like the 2nd story