a good website to get info on how to do all the quests

i realize that this site does not have guides for all the quests so i will tell you one that does. th e wbsite is called runehq"www.runehq.com"

thats the site i use for quest guild the should have some do more quest guides like me its fun i make new accounts to do quest again

I used “tip.it” for quest guide.

rune hq better tip it is older

ya rune hq is better man

That sites good for quests, but it can get a little confusing to navigate, and some of the links don’t work. But otherwise it’s ok.

well u dont read well if u cant follow what it says for quest

I actually say tip.it is way better than runehq. I like how runehq has pictures, but they don’t always explain the things too well. Also, runehq has been having some problems lately and usually tip.it has a new quest guide the day the new quest comes out. I do use both though.

Yeah, I like both tip.it and Rune HQ.
They are both very useful.

I mainly use Runehq for quests…but some of those guides are a little quirky. I had to use most of Tip.it’s Monkey Madness quest guide as Runehq’s was hard to follow and rather vague. I like em both though.

first off how do they get the guide so quick and two if anyone rembers runehq said they were going offline since they had no money but they did nt so all they were trying to do is get cash huh

This site is growing and will have lots more guides in the future. For now I would say that tip.it is better but if I don’t understand part of a guide from tip.it I go to runehq.

Have you not seen how many people do the new quests the day they come out? At least 10 of them help out on those sites. Yeah I heard about the Runhq being poor…There site went down the other day…anyone know if it’s up?

Im not saying the quests are hard to navigate, but the site in general can be confusing to navigate compared to this one.

iu like runehq. and he only quest they need is troll romance they r doing now

and are they better than rsr?with quest guides?

not beeing mean or anything but i’d say so, and with items peeps maps co-ordinates everything 4 me

i have always used runehq to do all my quests

I use RuneHQ unless their guide s slightly confusing(there are some). Then I use the RV guides although they are not all there :frowning: