a idea for a new monster

i have a idea for a new monster in runescape.

it is similar to one of those poke’mon things, it is a blob of go and it turns into a exact clone of you and fights you, it would be quite hard to fight another one of yourself as you are equal, it could be a quest and you have to make a special item to destroy it.

hmm i like were thats going…but forget the specil thing…i want to fight to the death with my self!!! :jester: :ninja: :3dglasses

I like the idea, though it will only work for a quest( as you said)

thats actually a fine idea…

that could be a new monster for a quest or something…

it could be cool to fight yourself…i would so much own myself…or…ermm…forget it…

do you think it is good enough for jagex to actually use it, i could e-mail it to them. just a idea

great Idea!

ok but you would win coz you could eat lobbies

Yeah but if it turned into you and had lobbies and everything u would both die at the same time but it would be cool if u were weaing full rune and if u killed it u got its stuff

how about full dragon and abysal whip that would be better

You need to write more about this monster, I need more description.

Your idea rocks but there should be like a special island or dungeon filled with them after u do quest and they should be like a copy of u but have the nsame lvl it had before. [By the way i just joined were do u find those sigs?]

sweet!!! i want to kill me!!

the quest: hmmmm fight ur evil/good side (zamorakians boooo… saradomians yay!)

Oh I see, I think you’re talking about Ditto. Yeah, That would be really funny.

Lol that would be a good idea!

i think its a good idea…

thats a really good idea. i would love to fight my self.

but wat will it drop and don’t tell me that some1 said that .i didn’t read

it shouldnt drop what you wear, that would be abusing the system, however it should drop according to your level, and it should be able to choose from weapons in your inventory as if it was me, id attack it with nothing on then put all my gear on and beast it xD i know myself to be very weak without armor (OO)

we need a pic of wut it looks like bfore it changes into u