A little accident....

how do you guys like it, it is not my best work but it is kind of cool eh?

thats good i give it 9/10 :!:

Yea its pretty cool and funnny. 8/10

Hehe, that’s funny :lol:
10/10 cuz I like to laugh :smiley:

the spike coming through him is a bit hard to see, but can you see it?


I can see it, but if there weren’t spikes around it I wouldn’t be able to tell that it was a spike going through him unless somebody said so.

Nice… 8/10… I see the spike fine…

same here nice 9.5/10 make your next one a little bigger…

it is small because i was stupid and copied and pasted osme of the things i was using right next to it

lol 9/10 its looks like blood

That’s messed up brother, 9/10!!!

Quite cool. I’d like to see a series of ones like this:

Things like a hanging, burning at the stake, quartering, racking, whipping.

Yikes, this makes me sound like a sadist!

cool pic…8.625/9.943256 :roll: :stuck_out_tongue: 8)

heh heh thats pretty funny! :lol: :lol: 8.1272534/10

lol slortar you read my mind, later today i am starting on a hanging one

lol its nice 9/10

anyone else want to comment on this…please?

thats awesome 10/10
heh its funny too :lol:

very impressive 9/10…i think yu made a dancing gesture and fliped it