A little bit of mining tips for no reason

In the scorpion pit mine, you know those 3 iron rocks at the end? Usually theres some guy there and you two race to get the iron when it respawns. This works better.

Say you’ll take one rock and he takes the other 2 (This only works if theres you and 1 other person mining the three) He gets 2 ores when you get 1. So he’ll be full when you have about 14 ores

worst case scenario, he’ll dump the ores and continue on his two rocks (thats only if your mining for experience)

He’ll prolly leave to bank it all, leaving you 3 rocks to yourself. It should take you maybe 10-20 seconds to fill up your inventory.

Why did I post this? I.Dont.Know

Heh… I need advice on silver and mith… But a nice mathmatical approach to mining iron…

Well, the way i see it, not many people bother mining silver, and too many people have low levels so they cant mine mith.

Silver I really havent tried mining, cuz frankly, i cant shape it into a weapon or metal object that will keep me from becoming an odd shaped smudge on the ground. Mith, im one of them people with low levels (6 more and I wont)

were is the best place to mine in non menbers?

it depends. When your new, its best to mine in the dwarf mine. Level up a bit (around 20 maybe) and then you can go to the scorpion pit in al kharid. Level up a bit more and you can go to the other end of the dwarf mine.

if you need any help with directions, pm me in game: Zeo Rage

the wild if ur high enuff level for coal and rune
other than that the dwarf mines and al kahid (spelled wrong)

were the best gold mine

Best gold mine? For f2p, maybe al kharid or mining guild.

definitively the crafting guild,but a bit far from bank…

Acutally… Silver is in a bit of demand… A lot more people are starting to want to raise their other stats and find crafting as something they can invest in… I have no idea why but yeah… And yeah, the best gold mine/best silver mine is the crafting guild… Acutally, I don’t think it’s THAT far from a bank…

lol nice idea on it man thats cool