a little funny forum experince (a diffrent forum)

it was about sum guy trying to hack accounts and suposedly give them these ultra rare items and as all scammers he needed the account name and pass so heres what he said:

here is a pic of my stats, i am no longer a member and i am going to give away all of my items.

leave ur user and pass and ill item transfer them to u.
limited time only.

heres what i put:

user name: ihatescammers


^ the owl speaks the truth. Seriously it’s not funny, everyone does it, search some threads on Rsr…

^^ wow the owl does speak the truth…wait a second, owls don’t speak!

That’s what nearly everyone does to piss off scammers.
Besides me. I just send them poison pies.
:spin: Kingofallpie

Everybody does it ;).