A little something I had to do for a class...

Friendship and Nature
Otter and Fox had been great friends for a very long time. They had gone to woodland creature school together, and their parents trusted them to stay out of trouble. For the most part, they had been… until one day…
Fox and Otter had been on a catamaran by the ocean enjoying a great day. Otter was supplying the cuisine by diving down and retrieving oysters, while Fox cracked the oysters with his strong teeth and jaws. About half way through the beautiful day, deep blue-gray clouds appeared on the horizon hinting at a horrendous downpour. The two magnificent creatures pushed with all of their might to reach that beauteous beach but fate, together with undertow-currents were against them. It took them much longer to get back in as it did out, and only after the squalls pushed their catamaran back to safety. When they reached the sublime shore, they both reclined on the beach shortly. Suddenly a blinding flash of lightning and a deafening report of thunder sent them scurrying to the safety of the inner forest. While on their sojourn through that harrowing forest, they encountered numerous challenges of relative disinterest, the least of these a flock of killer rabbits being dispatched by the overall removal of their hearts. Finally, they reached the edge of town. A very sullen-looking man stepped out from a side alley, and quickly pointed a rifle at Fox. There was a bang, and Otter collapsed in front of Fox. Fox was torn with grief at his friends death, and while he could do nothing, he made a dash towards the assaulting man. A click of the rifle cocking and a second small explosion closed Fox’s eyes forever.
The news reached the respective dens in short notice, and while both families were wracked with sadness. There was nothing possible to be done for the two great friends, cut down in the beauty of their prime. There were no tears for the fallen, however, for revenge was served when the man was hit by a truck, for such is the way of the world.

That was the edited version to turn in. The other one is much funnier, but I don’t want to reload it. :expressionless:

aw =’( is sad story.

flock of killer rabbits? lol nice.


though everything happens so fast and it’s hard to digist but then again it’s a whole story in a paragraph so you sorta had to XD

I liked reading it :slight_smile:

Gray story ! But friends will se forever!