A Little Tip.

Don’t write stories about Runescape in here. Normally I think nobody would mind, but its getting annoying. I don’t want to here about your “Trip to the wild” or “The Adventures of Jacko1954 and Ownage181”.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think most people would like to read THOUGHT OUT stories. Not something you threw together in 10 seconds.

"Here are a few basic rules that apply in addition to the official RSR rules in this forum:

This forum is for actual, proofread, thought-out stories written by you. They are “I killed this dude in the wilde and got a lot of money”.

Post the same story in the same topic. Do not post a new topic for each part of your story, keep it together.

Do not flame others stories, if you don’t like it, say so, but say what they can change, a.k.a. contructive criticism"

Spoken by Duke.

Yes, I realize I might be flaming some people… You have to step on some toes to move sometimes.

What about my story? Is it valid? I mean it talks about runescape ( I quit runescape 5 months ago) but it like, eventually turns into saving runescape and svaing the reality world and stuff. Its well thought out and all too

Is it well proof-read? Easy to read?

It’s mainly Lukejames being a dibshit, all his stoires suck so much ass. Plus, he doesn’t know how to spell.

^ Yes… that is annoying.

So what If I dont know how to spell?

Not you matey, another annoying guy on here who flames, but does JUST ENOUGH to not get banned…Unfortunatly…

ohhh was he the one writing exploding runes? :smiley: he misspelled exploding

Well, may I suggest writing it in Microsoft Word?

good idea.